Monday, March 24, 2014

Springtime Dreaming

Tulle Skirt//Compliments of my mom
Sandals//Steve Madden//Dying for these
Heels//American Rag//Similar here
Sunnies//Urban Outfitters//Similar here
Earrings//Kate Spade//here

So, after a very long sabbatical I am back. Not only that, but I've come armed with the cutest clothes, spring weather (hopefully) and that's about it. With the winter weather behind us for now, I can come out of hibernation for the season. I am absolutely in love with this tulle skirt that my mom made. It's prom season, so day in and day out I get to watch girls wear huge prom dresses. While that is wonderful, I miss those days of getting to be all dressed up for a night. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Springtime Sadness

Dress//Guess//Loving this one
Necklace//Macy's//Ordering this one

Hello darlings!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend... or week. I have been burying my nose in a book this whole week. Okay, not really. However, that would be an excellent excuse. Really, I've just been taking a break from all responsibility. Not to mention, I've been doing home improvement projects. If you didn't already know. I am not athletic. I at least am not used to doing manual labor. Needless to say, I've been laying around with a heating pad and a heated blanket.

Anywho, I can't start preparing for spring fast enough. Something about seeing a color other than "snow" white is making my entire life. Also, the possibility of getting to lay out and tan for the first time in a gazillion years makes my skin shiver at the thought of the sunburn. Which at this point I will take as opposed to shivering in -11 degrees. I cannot get used to this weather! I do love how tan this dress makes me look. I am definitely going to be adding this pinkish orangeish color to my closet for spring a lot more! Thank y'all so much for stopping by!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Leather and Lace

Blouse//Rachel Roy//here
Jacket//Rachel Roy//here
Skirt//Kensie//Similar here

Hello Darlings!
So, school has started. That means that it is now socially acceptable to not shower and wear your pajamas to class. I've actually never been the girl to do that, but I'm really starting to think about doing it. So, although I'm not THAT much of a hot mess, I haven't been up to fashion par. Luckily for you and for me, I found these gems hidden in the black hole that is my photos. 
Speaking of which, this week has been a hot mess. Have you ever been aware you had to do something and then the night before, you're like "Oh, crap. That's tomorrow?" Yep. That was me on Sunday night. At about 10:00 Sunday night I decided to locate my book bag. I had literally nothing ready for Monday. Not to mention I was almost late to my first class because of traffic. Actually, I didn't even go to my first class because I ran (legitimately ran) into the wrong class... Story of my life. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Snowy Winter

Sweater//Q Mack//Similar Here

Hello Darlings!
It warmed up this weekend! And, by that, I mean that it got to like 30 degrees. So, after braving the cold for a cold second when it was -40, I decided that I could handle going outside to take pictures. Incorrect. I'm not one for math but the equation goes like this: South Carolina girl+30 degree weather-a jacket= a VERY cold Kate. Oh, and the picture that looks like there is a tornado going on; yeah, there was. Okay, maybe not really. But it really felt like it. 
I feel like I talk about the weather every single day of my life. I think that's enough of the small talk. Let's get down to the nitty gritty. It's the first day of school tomorrow. I feel like I'm going into the first grade. Well, maybe it is a little different. It's days like this that I wish that I was in Boogie's shoes. She has it made. Her mom dresses her in super stylish sweaters, she stays indoors where it is warm most of the day, she gets to eat food, and she sleeps all day long. Perhaps I should change my major. Does IUPUI have a major in canine? Sign me up! Thank y'all so much for stopping by!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little Sparkle

Blouse//Kut from Kloth//here

Hello Darlings!

So, although it is not Thursday, let's throw it back for a second. When I was in 7th grade, I decided that I was going to be a colts fan. Why? Truth be told, I have no idea. Partially, it was because I was from Indiana and apparently proud of it. Mostly, it was because South Carolina did not have a team in the NFL. I watched every game for two whole seasons. Fast forward several a couple of years, and we are here. I have maybe watched like three games this season. However, there is all kinds of hype gathering around Indianapolis because the Colts are in the playoffs. All that hype is clearly rubbing off on me. If you know me at all, you know that I rarely wear something that doesn't have some sparkle in it. The same goes for supporting the colts. So, everyone, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and GO COLTS!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lace and things

Hello Darlings!

I have a love affair with semi-Victorian things. That being said, this lace shirt with this amazing neckline is just up my alley. But I'm really not feeling talking about fashion. That's something you'll probably read me saying again. Today I have finally reached 100 followers on Instagram. One day I'm totally going to look at that and scoff at how silly celebrating 100 followers is, but for right now, I'm excited. If you're not already following me, I would suggest that you do with this link. You are welcome in advance for making your life more exciting. Furthermore, I have been looking into buying my own domain name and hiring someone to design it. So many exciting things are happening so far in 2014! I can't wait to grow with y'all! Thank you so much for stopping by and have a lovely Thursday.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

B&W Floral

Blouse//Rachel Roy//here

Hello Darlings!
Happy Tuesday! So, these jeggings are some of my favorite, and after two days being stuck in my house, they are perfect for a Tuesday after doing nothing but eating. Although I took this before getting stuck in my house for seventeen years without any contact with the outside world, I really dig that all of these clothes cover up any lumps or bumps that have appeared with the snow.  One of my favorite parts about any BCBG bottoms is that they're actually long enough. Seriously, that is like a gold mine. 
I also hope everyone is staying warm in this weather. Last night I expertly put up a blanket over my window. I'm not sure it is even doing anything but I'd rather be safe than cold. I've also been putting Boogie (my little furry girl) in wool sweaters. I think she is starting to get confused about if she is a human or a dog. She has also been hanging out in the kitchen non-stop. I just have to teach her how to make me eggs and bacon diet food now...Thank you so much for stopping by. 


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